Henlo frens! welcome to Kawaii Demon my art collective, or art blog. My name is Walter, I'm a graphic designer, also a freelance artist. I love making illustrations in cartoon style, pixel art, and many graphics just for fun!
When I was younger, on the 2000s I owned a website called "Phantom's lair" with my pixel art. I never made them from zero, I used bases.

Suddenly I got interest on art. I wanted to draw, but I was very old to start... I didn't care, without going to an art academy I started to learn around 2010. Of course I was able to do only stick figures lmao, or biscuit shaped figures, kinda chibi style.
Better than nothing uh?

So thanks to Neocities I wanted so bad to reopen my websites!! and show what motivated me on first place, pixeling! Please take a look around, and don't forget to check my thank you website to found the links where I got most part of the resources (most sites are dead btw...)

A doll made by me, but not the base

Example of stuff I collect.

Love Candied created these.

-Setsunakute (MurdocNiccals.com) my main collective.

Thank you for your visit!! please come back soon.

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