I'm Walter, a blonde hispanic close to his 30s (OMG), a shortie, long haired with freckles, I speak Spanish and English, currently learning Italian. I'm Slytherin, Sith.
Pansexual/panromantic, Him/His, I don't follow any religion or political view. Being kind and respectful is my motto.
I hate mean people I can't stand those who hurt others for fun... like WTF... how hard is to leave others alone?

I graduated as graphic designer, but my dream was to be a writer, I love art, thanks to my passion to comics, anime, cartoons, books and videogames. Sadly I started very old..

I love animals a lot, I used to rescue them or help to rescue them, but now I have no time for that OOF... I adopted a pup who was dropped on the street... she almost died but now is here all happy.

I'm currently single, and I plan to stay like this long time, since I'm recovering myself, I was diagnosed with depression, anxiety and also I get panic attacks a few times per month. I'm already medicated and working with professionals (MENTAL HEALTH IS IMPORTANT, please visit your psychologist even if you feel okay). But I don't feel alone, I'm really happy right now! I have a lot of amazing mates, and nice people around me <3

My favourite colour is black, also pink, purple, and pastel colours. Kawaii stuff is my obsession, but also I love gore, horror and creepy stuff, perhaps that's why I love Mephisto Pheles from Ao no Exorcist, since he's evil and creepy, but also he loves kawaii stuff, purple and pink are always on his outfits.

I'm an introvert, so excuse me if I'm not very social or it takes me ages to trust in someone, I can't control it. I don't go outside that much, sure I love to travel, but I'm happier at home -shrughs- still... I don't bite, and is a real pleasure to me to meet someone new and gain more mates! so if you wanna talk to me, please do and message me.

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